Oink & Udder / Jack's Free Range Eggs - Half Dozen
Jack's Free Range Eggs - Half Dozen

Oink & Udder - Jack's Free Range Eggs - Half Dozen

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In preparation for our organic certification our prices have to go up. Thank you for understanding! Just a few more months before we get to put the stamp on the egg box!

Our nearly organic (mid-2019!) laying hens are a mixed breed flock raised on Jack's fruit and veg farm in Canterbury. They are kept under our orchards to help maintain with plenty of open space so they can flap their wings, peck and cluck as they please. They graze on our multi species pastures which makes our eggs so flavoursome and nutritious. ​

​We feed our flock on a mixed diet of layers pellets, and all leftover vegetables and fruits that are produced on the farm. ​They forage under an orchard and love all the fallen fruit. They wormed regularly with a plant based product, which doesn't effect their laying cycle or taint the eggs in any way. The hens have a secure house to sleep in at night and electric fencing to keep the predators out.
Shelf Life: 3 Weeks
Dairy Free Gluten Free Nut Free Wheat Free Vegetarian
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