Landews Meadow Farm

Landews Meadow Farm

29 Invicta Close, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3BW

Our farm's mission is to feed our local community with top quality produce while promoting biodiversity and improving the environment.

Our management systems imitate nature, and livestock are our tools for managing our landscape and fertility on our farm. Our animals are raised outdoors in their natural environment and are constantly moving (migrating) and managed to optimize soil health and forage production. This, conveniently, creates tasty and nutritious produce! As the health of our soil is the priority, we will never raise more animals than our soil can handle.

We are currently working with the University of Kent, University of Newcastle, University of Sussex, and Centre for Ecology and Hydrology to study our soil, wildlife and different habitats on our farm to help us achieve our mission to regenerate our land.

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